Through my pictures I want to show, that this planet is so worth fighting for. 

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What I do

01. Create content

By creating content I want to show, that this planet is so worth fighting for.

03. Supporting organisations & people

With every purchase of one of my products or services, I'll donate 10% of the profit to an environment organisation and by providing content for organisations like the Mondulkiri Project I help them to spread awareness through social media.

02. Spreading awareness

Climate change is real; now it's the time to act. By showing my pictures and telling my stories I try to spread awareness that we need to protect the animals, the environment, us. There is no Planet B.

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Tagträumer Abenteuer
Tagträumer Abenteuer

New Project just launched!!

für all die mit 'keine[r] zeit'

Since the first launch is in german, the following details are in german:

Tagträumer Abenteuer sind kurze Geschichtchen, die auf wahren Begebenheiten aus meinem Leben und meiner Zeit in Australien beruhen.





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…for your perfect pictures. Do you need content for Social Media? Or do you just need beautiful pictures of you and your family and your pets? – I am always the best choice!